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Teacher Feature

Maine Places to See


Students will learn about the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse featured on Acadia's quarter.  Students will create an ad campaign presenting other places of interest for Acadia National Park visitors.


Using the new coin zoom feature, have your students study the Acadia National Park quarter design.  (You get to the coin zoom feature by choosing any lesson plan on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program lesson plans page.)  As a class, discuss the reverse design, emphasizing the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and Maine's rocky coastline.  Tell the students that the coastline, the lighthouse, the pine trees, and the ocean in the design represent some of the major features of Acadia National Park.  Read the June Coin of the Month to learn more.

As a class, discuss areas that make Acadia National Park special, focusing on its unique features.  Discuss lighthouses, specifically what they're for, where they're found, and their place in history.  Focus on the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and its historical significance to the area.  Use a graphic organizer to record student responses.

Using information from the Coin of the Month page, class discussions, and classroom resources, have the students locate at least four other areas of interest for people to visit in Acadia National Park.  Have them record key information and be prepared to share with others.  Compile the students' suggestions and review as a class.

In pairs or small groups, have the students take on the role of marketing specialists and create an ad campaign, each using a different display idea such as a multimedia presentation, tour book, photo/scrap book, commercial, television interview, billboard, or brochure to tell others about the park.

Each group will create a map of Acadia National Park that highlights the locations of the special features.  Encourage the students to connect some aspect of their presentation to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and the Acadia National Park quarter.

As an extension, have the students write a persuasive essay explaining why their places of interest at Acadia National Park are the best choices and why it's important for people to visit them.

Make a Connection

Enjoy our collection of lesson plans based on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.  Download lesson plans for grades K through 12 for free.

Also, be sure to play our newest America the Beautiful game, "Triple Play".  In this game, your students will learn to build the designs on the 2012 quarters from memory.

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