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Teacher Feature

Hall of History


Students will learn and apply details from the 1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence quarter eagle.


Have your students study the 1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence quarter design. Read the July Coin of the Month to learn more. (A quarter eagle is worth two and a half dollars.)

As a class, discuss the obverse and reverse designs, emphasizing the details of the images. Tell the students that the obverse features a woman symbolizing liberty with a torch (representing freedom) in her right hand and a scroll (representing the Declaration of Independence) in her left. The reverse image features Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Tell the students the coin was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Discuss the phrase, "Sesquicentennial of American Independence." Write the definition of "sesquicentennial" and main ideas of the phrase to chart paper.

Using the July Coin of the Month and available online and classroom resources, have small groups of students research key events that occurred at Independence Hall. On chart paper, have the students record events, dates, and main people involved. As a class, discuss the details and historical background of Independence Hall.

Display a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Discuss its importance to the history and people of this country. Read and summarize key points as a class, putting into "common language" if necessary, and adding them to chart paper.

As an extension, have the students choose one of these activities:

  • Complete a biographical timeline on one of the 56 signers of the Declaration, encouraging students to choose someone unfamiliar to them.
  • Invite students to research historical facts about Independence Hall and create a trivia challenge game.

Make a Connection

The July 2002 Coin of the Month features the Continental Dollar, made in 1776.

Be sure to visit the Revolutionary War era in the Time Machine, which features Peter the Mint Eagle.

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