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Teacher Feature

Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plans (William McKinley)


Students will learn about foreign policy and the accomplishments of William McKinley through his Presidential $1 Coin.


Have the students research William McKinley to learn about his accomplishments while in office.  Start with the February Coin of the Month to learn more about the 25th president.

Have the students research McKinley's major accomplishments during his presidency.  Discuss the students' findings and record them on chart paper.

Using information from class discussions and classroom resources, have the students research causes, key events, and effects of the Spanish-American War.  Invite the students to record their findings in a graphic organizer and write summary statements of their findings.

Make a Connection

Do you know that we have a collection of FREE lesson plans based on the Presidential $1 Coin Program?

Choose one of the Presidential $1 Coin lesson plans from the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  Apply it to any president that you or your students choose:

Find out more about the Presidential $1 Coins and their presidents in the "Coins and Medals" section.

Want to bring the Presidential $1 Coin lesson plans into your classroom? Visit our Presidential Links page to get biographies, printable election maps, inaugural records, games, and more.

Learn more about the lives and work of the First Spouses by viewing each of the First Spouse coins in the "Coins and Medals" section.

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