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Teacher Feature

Courage, Confidence, Character


Students will use the Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial silver dollar to learn about former Girl Scouts.


Tell the students the obverse design of the Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial silver dollar was inspired by both the historical and contemporary aspects of Girl Scouting and by its mission statement: "Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place."  It depicts three girls who represent the different ages and diversity of Girl Scouts of the USA.

Display the August Coin of the Month page and read it as a class.  Discuss the mission statement of the Girl Scouts and the terms “courage,” “confidence” and “character.”  Ask the students to provide examples of actions that would demonstrate these characteristics.  Record student responses on chart paper.

Remind the students that Juliette Gordon Low began the Girl Scouts in 1911.  To celebrate more than a century of Girl Scouting, invite the students to choose and research a woman who was a former Girl Scout.

Examples include someone in the local community, a family member, Juliette Gordon Low or a celebrity (such as Sandra Day O'Connor, Hilary Clinton, Sally Ride, Barbara Walters and Laura Bush).  If the woman is living, encourage students to interview her, if possible.

As a class, formulate questions to learn more about the (former) Girl Scout, being sure to pay particular attention to the Girl Scouts mission statement and how the person portrayed courage, confidence and character through their words and actions.

Have the students create a multimedia presentation about the woman they researched.

As an extension, have the students research the requirements to obtain patches related to financial literacy in areas such as collecting, budgeting, managing money and comparison shopping.

Make a Connection

The Commemorative Coins page is a great way to share coins that honor famous people, places and events with your students.

The Scouts' Corner feature is a great resource to learn more about the requirements for boy scouts to earn badges.

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