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Centennial Sense


After visiting the 1976 Bicentennial era in the Time Machine, the students will use related vocabulary to create and solve word problems.


After visiting the 1976 Bicentennial era in the Time Machine, review with the students the information about the Bicentennial celebration and the historic events that were being recognized during the celebration.  Ask the students to discuss why they think the Time Machine and celebration were taking place in Philadelphia.  Record student responses on chart paper of board.

At the top of a piece of chart paper or on the board write the word "bicentennial".  Underline the word centennial and ask the students what they think this word means.  Distribute class dictionaries and have students look up and read the definition of the word centennial.  Create a working class definition of the word "centennial" and record the definition on chart paper or the board.  Next ask the students what they think the pre-fix "bi" means.  Have students look up the pre-fix "bi" in the dictionary and read the definition.  Create a working class definition of the pre-fix "bi" and record on chart paper or the board.

Distribute a "Centennial Sense" worksheet to each student and review the worksheet directions.  Have students complete Part I of the worksheet.  Review the worksheet as a class and answer any questions.

Divide the students into pairs.  Explain to the students that in Part II of the worksheet they will be creating their own word problem for their partner to solve.  Have each student complete Part II of the worksheet individually.  Once they have completed Part II have them swap papers with their partner.  Each student should then solve his/her partne's word problem.  Have students share their word problems and their solving methods with the class.


As a class create a math word wall.  Pull different words from the world wall and have students create word problems with them.


The project described above reflects some of the national standards of learning as defined by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), and the International Society for Technology in Education.  These standards are listed below:

Content Standards

  • Number and Operations

Process Standards

  • Problem Solving
  • Connections

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