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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards
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Helping Hands
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Exploring ­hospitality, helpfulness, and ­healthful foods

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Grades 2–3
Language Arts, Social Studies
Comparing past and present and showing hospitality.

Encountering Hospitality
Grades 4–6
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Examining ­interactions between Lewis and Clark and Native ­Americans.

Lights! Camera! Hospitality!
Grades 7–8
Economics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Using media to convey interactions between Native Americans and Lewis and Clark.

Homestead Narratives
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Students will identify groups of people who settled new lands as a result of the Homestead Act of 1862, analyze their motives for moving, and write in a variety of forms with an emphasis on narration.

Newest lesson plansNEW

Who’s Who
Grades 4–6
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology

Beautiful Bayou
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Science

Find Your Way on the Parkway
Grades 7–8
Art, Math

A Homegrown Budget
Grades 2–3
Math, Social Studies

Scenes from a Salt Marsh
Grades 2–3
Art, Language Arts, Science

Top rated lesson plansTOP RATED

  1. Using Guess, Check and Revise
    Grades 3–5
  2. The Alphabet of Coins
    Grades K–2
    Language Arts, Technology
  3. Many Happy Returns
    Grade 4
    Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology
  4. Going to the Grocery Store
    Grades K–2
    Math, Science
  5. Are You Money Smart?
    Grades 3–5
    Language Arts, Math