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Just click on the grade level and follow the instructions to view the lesson plans available.  Here you find the newest sets of lesson plans as well as archived activities from previous years.

    Grades K–1

    • Stories from American History
    • Beginning map skills
    • Counting skills and number values
    • Coin identification

    Grades 2–3

    • American geography
    • Comparing American historical figures
    • Addition, subtraction, estimating and graphing
    • State-related research

    Grades 4–6

    • American history and geography
    • Multiplication and division
    • Internet-based research
    • Cooperative writing

    Grades 7–8

    • American history
    • Developing a national identity
    • Federalism
    • Roman culture and coins
    • Global views on currency

    Grades 9–12

    • Developing a national identity
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • Federalism
    • Ancient banking systems
    • Global views on currency

    Complete Collection
    Choose from all grade levels and topics currently available.

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