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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards
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Featured lesson plansFEATURED

Inspired by the Flag
Grades 2–3
Language Arts, Social Studies, Art
Starting with the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine quarter, students will understand how symbols can inspire artists. Students will demonstrate how to compare and contrast. Students will write expository sentences.

Working the Land: Natural Occupations
Grades 4–6
Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Technology
The students will research different jobs associated with the national parks and forests. The students will understand the jobs' importance and how the skills are used in various national parks and forests. The students will present aspects of the jobs, focusing on their importance using interview techniques and a project of their choice.

Voting for Change
Grades 4–6
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies
Students will identify important events in the history of voting rights. Students will identify the importance of amendments to the Constitution.

Pioneers in Space
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students will learn the meaning of the word “pioneer” and will be introduced to some aviation pioneers who came from Ohio. The students will also preview and listen to an age-appropriate text relating to the design of the Ohio quarter reverse.

Many Happy Returns
Grade 4
Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology
Students will make connections between the past and the present and compare the Journey of Lewis and Clark with the space flight of Apollo 11. Students will be able to sequence events in history using a timeline. Students will be able to use the writing process to write a persuasive essay.

Newest lesson plansNEW

Let's Build an Arch: Arches National Park
Grades 2–3
Language Arts, Science

A Delicate Arch: Arches National Park
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Math, Science

More than Sand Dunes: Great Sand Dunes National Park
Grades 4–6
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies

A Challenge of Friction: Great Sand Dunes National Park
Grades 9–12
Language Arts, Math, Science

Let's Go Birding!: Everglades National Park
Grades 4–6
Art, Science, Social Studies

Top rated lesson plansTOP RATED

  1. Live with Lewis and Clark!
    Grades 7–8
    Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
  2. Mountain on the Rise
    Grades 7–8
    Science, Social Studies, Art
  3. I’m in the Money!
    Grades K–2
  4. It’s Just Water: El Yunque National Forest
    Grades 7–8
    Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies
  5. Influenced by History
    Grades 4–6
    Language Arts, Math, Social Studies

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