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El Yunque

Of Frogs and Parrots

Grades 9-12
Social Studies (Geography), Science


Starting with the El Yunque National Forest quarter, the students will access the national forest's website to understand how geography and ecology influence wildlife.  They will discuss the types of fauna that are part of El Yunque's ecosystem.  Groups of students will research the rainforest, the Puerto Rican parrot, and the Coqui tree frog, then submit a summary and colored illustrations. The results will form a classroom scrap book or multimedia presentation.


El Yunque National Forest Quarter Reverse

United States Map

Presenting El Yunque


The file below contains the lesson plan and all the associated worksheets.  When you click on the link, the PDF will open if you have the free Acrobat Reader plug-in installed.  Depending on your browser's settings, the lesson plan will open in this tab, in a new tab, or in a new window.

You can then click "File" in the top menu and "Save As" to save the PDF to your hard drive or click "File" and then "Print" to print all the pages on your printer.

Of Frogs and Parrots

National Standards

Social Studies (Geography)

National Council for the Social Studies (

  • The study of people, places, and environments
  • Assessment


National Science Teachers Association (

  • Organisms and their environments:  An organism's patterns of behavior are related to the nature of that organism's environment, including the kinds and numbers of other organisms present, the availability of food and resources, and the physical characteristics of the environment.  When the environment changes, some plants and animals survive and reproduce and others die or move to new locations.

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