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Designed by Teachers for Teachers

Only teachers know what works in the classroom.  That is why these lesson plans were created and reviewed by educators to meet your students' needs.  Each lesson plan set offers you:

  • Fun, interesting lessons that will grab your students' attention while meeting specific learning objectives
  • New ideas you can adapt to YOUR class, YOUR students
  • "Experiential learning" through hands-on activities
  • Opportunities for cooperative learning
  • Ready-made, reproducible materials
  • Thought-provoking evaluation methods

What Teachers Have Said About the 50 State Quarters® Program Lesson Plans

  • "It is a comprehensive plan. I don't have to do anything to use them."
  • "It's a really fun hook to get kids interested in geography and history."
  • "I like the lesson plans' organization.  All of the footwork is done for you.  It is on grade level and interesting to the kids."
  • "It's pertinent and current and real.  Anything authentic has a lot more impact on the kids."
  • "I liked the wealth of information and materials, the teacher-friendly lesson plans, and the relevance of materials."
  • "I would say, it's history.  It's alive and it's real.  It's one of the best history lessons I've seen.  It's fun to teach a lesson you like yourself. ... It made them start looking at coins.  It makes kids ask questions about history."
  • "It makes the student more aware of the United States as a nation.  It also sparks conversation with their parents and makes them become more interested in knowing more about the United States."