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Unit Plan

Creative Coin Combinations

Description of Unit:

This unit focuses on counting coins and coin equivalencies up to fifty cents for grades K – 2, making use of a literature connection.


  • Cent
  • Coin Equivalents
  • Dime
  • Half Dollar
  • Math Games
  • Money
  • Nickel
  • Patterns
  • Penny
  • Quarter
  • Representation
  • Skip Counting

Grade Level(s):


Main Subject Area:


Additional Subjects:

Language Arts

Approximate Length of Time:

5-7 days

Essential Question or Problem:

How can one create different amounts using a variety of coin denominations?

Unit Introduction:

Introduce an appropriate money-related story, such as Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina, The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen, The Lunch Line (Hello Math Reader, Level 3) by Karen Berman Nagel, or Monster Money by Grace MacCarone, by taking a picture walk through the book with your students. Show the story’s cover, and be sure to point out the story’s title, author and illustrator. Read aloud the story with the class and discuss any new vocabulary as it arises. To get the children more familiar with story, you can act it out with them. The teacher can be the narrator and students can play the roles of the characters.

Individual Lessons:

  1. For Sale!
  2. Mixing Coins
  3. Stamping Coins
  4. Matching Pairs

Culminating Activity:

Students can bring in an item from home that relates to the purchase made (or discussed) in the story. Students can use this item as a model to make a poster. They can include the words “For Sale”, a picture of their item, and a set price of 50 cents. They can show all the different ways they know how to make 50 cents on their poster.