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Scot, Robert


Robert Scot (1745–1823) (engraver, die-sinker, and seal cutter) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scot was trained first as a watchmaker, then learned the art of engraving. He came to the United States in 1778; in 1781 he was asked by Governor Thomas Jefferson of Virginia to engrave medals for presentation to Indian chiefs.

In 1793, Scot was appointed engraver of the United States Mint in Philadelphia, where he cut dies for a variety of cents and half cents. He designed the 1795–1797 $10 eagle, the 1797–1804 Heraldic Eagle, the 1794–1797 half cent, and the 1800–1808 draped bust type half cent. In addition, he designed the Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal.


Copyright Info:
Pessolano-Filos, Francis. The Venus Numismatics Dictionary of Artists, Designers, Modellers, Engravers, and Die Sinkers Whose Works Were Commissioned by or Struck by the United States Mint, 1792–1977. New York: Eros Publishing Company, 1983.

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August 16, 2006