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June 2006

Over the past month, new content has been added to the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  To help you learn about "What's New For You," links to this new content are listed below.


Celebrate Father's Day—Invite your students to visit our Games page and play Plinky's Create-a-Card to make a special card for dad.

Coin News

June Coin of the Month—Join Goldie the Mint Fish as she proudly presents the third quarter to be released in 2006.  The Colorado quarter is the 38th coin design in the 50 State Quarters® Program.  Learn all about this coin and its connection to the Rocky Mountains' history by reading the June Coin of the Month.  Be sure to also check out the accompanying Teacher Feature featuring the Colorado Quarter lesson plans.

Camp Coin

Summer Fun with Coins—During the summer months, there are lots of ways to have fun with coins.  Here you will find some great activities including arts and crafts, tricks and games, and even ways to earn money.  There are suggestions on collecting coins, designing note cards, creating clay coins, making a piggy bank and yummy "cents-sational" cookies!

Find out more...State Quarter Day!

State Quarter Day in the Classroom—Learn all about the Colorado quarter, the 38th quarter in the 50 State Quarters Program.  The newest quarter will be launched on June 14th.  Examine all of the fun classroom activities developed to help you celebrate the newest quarter in your own classroom!

Teacher Feature

Teacher Features—While you can always find great classroom ideas in the Teachers section of H.I.P. Pocket Change, be sure to click on the Teacher Feature icon whenever you spot it on the site to find ideas that relate directly to whatever you've just read!

Feature Name Related Content Covered
Curricular Area
Colorado Quarter Lesson Plans June Coin of the Month Language Arts,
Social Studies

Be on the lookout for...


Time Machine Era 7—Visit San Francisco in the wake of a major quake!  Find out what Plinky the Mint Pig and her friend Suzanne see while walking through the city and learn about the Granite Lady.  Be sure to also check out the associated Teacher Feature, "A Moving Experience," a science lesson about tectonic plates and earthquakes.