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February 2005

Over the past month, several changes have been made to the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket ChangeT Web site, specifically with teachers in mind!  To help you learn about "What's New For You", explore some of the links that have been listed below.


Cents of Color—Have your students add their own sense of color to each quarter in the 50 State Quarters® Program as they are released into circulation.  Now including the 2005 quarters!

PuzzleMint—In this puzzle activity, students are challenged to put together the pieces of the latest coins in the 50 State Quarters Program.  Now premiering the 2005 quarters!

Quarter Explorer—Students visit Main Street in Bison City, USA, completing tasks in order to earn Bill the Mint Buffalo enough quarters to go on a trip across the country.  Students will use their knowledge of United States geography and the 50 State Quarters Program in order to complete the tasks and earn quarters.  The more quarters your students receive, the nicer Bill's trip will be!

Coin News

February's Coin of the Month—Join Inspector Collector as he learns more about California during the release of the first new quarter for 2005.  The California quarter displays a view of Yosemite Valley and features naturalist, John Muir.  And be sure to check out the Teacher Feature "Natural Beauty" as students learn about John Muir and some of the country's most famous natural parks.

The Coins Are Coming—Be among the first to see the newest quarters designed for the 50 State Quarters Program.  Check out the new California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, and West Virginia quarter designs and learn about the states.

Teacher Feature

Teacher Features—While you can always find great classroom ideas in the Teachers section of H.I.P. Pocket Change, be sure to click on the Teacher Feature icon whenever you spot it on the site to find ideas that relate directly to whatever you've just read!

Feature Name Related Content Covered
Curricular Area
Natural Beauty February's Coin of the Month Language Arts,
Social Studies


50 State Quarters Program Lesson Plans—In case you missed this last month, download these brand new FREE lesson plans that were created specifically with the 2005 quarters in mind!  For grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–6, they will expand your students' knowledge about the individual states, related history, science and the rich diversity of our national heritage.

Travel Guide Quiz

Travel Guide Quiz—Try out the new and improved Travel Guide Quiz.  Students will test their knowledge of the quarter designs by answering trivia questions!  The quiz is a part of the Seeing the States Web Quest, which challenges students to explore the coins in the 50 State Quarters Program, and the unique heritage of our nation.

Find out more... State Quarter Day!

State Quarter Day In The Classroom—Learn all about the 31st quarter in the 50 State Quarters Program.  Examine all of the fun classroom activity ideas that H.I.P. Pocket Change has developed to help you celebrate the newest quarter in your own classroom!

Making Cents—The latest edition of this "quarterly" H.I.P. Pocket Change newsletter talks about what's new and striking at the United States Mint.  Read it to learn all about the fantastic features we've added to the site, including a new Era on the Time Machine, and the premiere of the California quarter.  Finally, test yourself to see how much you learned with the Making Cents Winter 2005 Crossword Puzzle!