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March 2006

Over the past month, new content has been added to the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  To help you learn about "What's New For You," links to this new content are listed below.

Coin News

March Coin of the Month—Join Flip the Mint Seal as he proudly presents the fifth and final nickel in the Westward Journey Nickel Series.  The "Return to Monticello" coin features a new image of President Thomas Jefferson based on the Rembrandt Peale painting of 1800.  On the reverse is the restored 1938 design of Jefferson's Virginia home, Monticello.

Time Machine

Time Machine—Visit the Civil War Era, where you see Boston in 1863.  Fly with Peter the Mint Eagle as he takes a "bird's eye view" of the city and join a family at the general store to learn more about some very strange change.  Be sure to check out the associated Teacher Feature, "Secret Expedition," a Social Studies lesson about the Underground Railroad.


50 State Quarters® Program Lesson Plans—Download these brand new FREE lesson plans created specifically with the 2006 quarters in mind for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–6!  The 2006 state quarters are Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Use these plans to expand your students' knowledge about the individual states, related history and geography, and the rich diversity of our national heritage.

Teacher Feature

Teacher Features—While you can always find great classroom ideas in the Teachers section of H.I.P. Pocket Change, be sure to click on the Teacher Feature icon whenever you spot it on the site to find ideas that relate directly to whatever you've just read!

Feature Name Related Content Covered
Curricular Area
Return to Monticello Nickel Lesson Plans March Coin of the Month Language Arts,
Social Studies
Secret Expedition Time Machine Era 6 Language Arts,
Social Studies

Camp Coin

Women's History Month—Join us as we celebrate Women's History Month.  Be sure to visit the Medal Mania feature and check out Women's History Medals.  Learn more about a world-famous singer, memorable First Ladies, the "first lady of civil rights" and others.