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October 2007

During the past month, new information and activities have been added to the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  To help you learn "What's New for You," we've listed and linked these features below.

October Coin of the Month:  Discover why Plinky is so proud of this Coin of the Month, the Little Rock Central High School Desegregation 50th Anniversary Dollar.  This coin recognizes and honors nine brave high school students who made history by going to school.  Their bravery in the face of violence helped to change American history and stop schools from separating students based on their race.

Teachers' Calendar:  New for the 2007–2008 school year: the teacher's calendar!  This handy Flash-based calendar covers August 2007 through July 2008.  Every month has a theme, every week highlights a special coin or activity on H.I.P. Pocket Change, and every Friday has its own relevant selected activity or information page.  In addition, special occasions like Veterans Day and Ben Franklin's birthday are set aside as "Featured Days," with an additional link to related content.  For advance planning or last-minute ideas, don't forget that the teacher's calendar is a great resource!

Making Cents:  The latest issue of this "quarterly" e-newsletter celebrates the Wyoming and Utah quarters and the newest Time Machine adventure.  There is also a brand new scramble puzzle based on the newsletter's contents.  If you'd like to sign up to receive announcements about Making Cents, new lesson plans, and special projects, join the Teachers' Network.

Happy Halloween:  Visit our Halloween page for some haunting Halloween lore about the chilling part coins have played in the world of the gruesome.  Then take the Costume Quiz to help the H.I.P. Pocket Change Pals get dressed up for Halloween.

Columbus Day:  Land ho!  Come aboard and celebrate the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World.  Learn how the United States Mint took part in the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893.  On this page, you can also see American coins that have honored Columbus and explorers like him.