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America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2010 with picture of the Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park Quarter

The Grand Canyon National Park quarter is the fourth of 2010 and the fourth overall in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.  A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms the senses through its immense size of the 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep.  The Grand Canyon was first established as a national site on February 20, 1893 (27 Stat. 469).

America the Beautiful Quarters Program - Grand Canyon National Park reverse

The reverse image features a view of the granaries above the Nankoweap Delta in Marble Canyon near the Colorado River.  (Marble Canyon is the northernmost section of the Grand Canyon.)  These granaries were used for storing food and seeds between 1050 and 1150 A.D.  Inscriptions are GRAND CANYON, ARIZONA, 2010 and E PLURIBUS UNUM.  Design candidates were developed in consultation with representatives of Grand Canyon National Park.

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Picture of Arizona with a red star where the Grand Canyon National Park is located. Text in graphic reads: Established: 2/20/1893, Jurisdiction: Arizona, Federal Entity: National Park Service, Area: 1.2 million acres.
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