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Website and Shopping Improvements

Our Web team constantly evalutes customer feedback, industry standards, and emerging technologies to iteratively develop new and enhance existing services. Your feedback is crucial to our success. Please share your suggestions on how we can improve our Web communications.

January 2013 - Product Schedule, Homepage Carousel, and Site Search Improvements

We consolidated all product availability links on the Product Schedule page. We retired and consolidated pages that provided overlapping product availability information. We also recently improved the navigation of our home page "carousel" with rotating product and agency news and modified our site search engine's results page. See the visual tour below of improvements.

View a list of previous improvements.

New Product Schedule Page: The new page consolidates links to all product availability information on one page. It's your one-stop shop to all information about products.
Home Page Carousel: We improved the navigation elements of the carousel to make it easier for customers to use.
Site Search Improvements: We've given you the ability to control which results you see when you use the search box at the top right of the Web site.

Other Improvements

As we release improvements, a visual tour provides an explanation of the new features, enhancements, content, and functionality. Previous improvements are archived to allow you to view our progress and history.