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Website and Shopping Improvements

Our Web team constantly evalutes customer feedback, industry standards, and emerging technologies to iteratively develop new and enhance existing services. Your feedback is crucial to our success. Please share your suggestions on how we can improve our Web communications.

June 2013 - Sales and Production Figures

Our latest release features improvements to the way users obtain sales and production figures for numismatic products, circulating coins, and bullion.

  1. New Weekly Report. As of June 18, 2013, site visitors can obtain data related to sales figures on a weekly basis. Released on Tuesdays, you can use this data to track demand of current numismatic products since their release.
  2. Simplified Data Access. We consolidated access to production and sales figures for circulating coins, numismatic products, and bullion. New data navigators allow you to easily access reports for varying programs, years, and output types.

Go to the About section of our Web site, then Production and Sales Figures to access this data. See the visual tour below for details.

View a list of previous improvements.

This new weekly dataset is published every Tuesday by 5 p.m. ET and reflects numismatic sales demand through the previous Sunday. Figures should not be considered final, and are subject to change as audited. This content may be republished and should be sourced United States Mint.
You can now quickly find sales and production data related to a variety of programs on this page.
We are working to standardize how you access our data. You can now use these new "data navigators" to find data for bullion, precious metal numismatic products, and circulating coins. The presentation of the data still varies widely however.

Previous Improvements

As we release improvements, a visual tour provides an explanation of the new features, enhancements, content, and functionality. Previous improvements are archived to allow you to view our progress and history.