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Website and Shopping Improvements

Our Web team constantly evalutes customer feedback, industry standards, and emerging technologies to iteratively develop new and enhance existing services. Your feedback is crucial to our success. Please share your suggestions on how we can improve our Web communications.

September 2012 - Improved Navigation Tools and Email Updates

Changes were made to the homepage and catalog homepage headers that provides easy access to our phone number and site search. In addition, both homepages now provide easy access to sign-up for email updates. Our new email updates page lists the available email services. Each listing is accompanied by a description and lets you know how often to expect updates. The catalog now allows you to zoom within product images so that you can see the fine details.

View a list of previous improvements.

Home Page: We've made these changes to help you find critical information and services quickly from the home page: Our phone number is easier to find on the top left, the product schedule is right on the home page, the search is more visible in the top right and it is easier to sign up for product notifications
Search by price, find products in mailers, zoom to see product details and it's easier to sign up for product notifications
New section for catalogs with catalog cover and list of all products in catalog
New E-mail update page allows you to submit your e-mail and select your e-mail update(s), select how often to receive updates and new description of update content

Other Improvements

As we release improvements, a visual tour provides an explanation of the new features, enhancements, content, and functionality. Previous improvements are archived to allow you to view our progress and history.