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Meet Our New Lesson Plan Web site

The United States Mint offers free, high-quality K-12 lessons that connect U.S. coins to the many subjects taught in classrooms across the Nation. These lessons are written by licensed teachers and meet national standards including Common Core.  For the first time, we have organized these lessons – more than 400 of them! – into a searchable Web site and standardized their presentation so it is easier than ever for educators, parents and others to find lessons relevant to their educational goals.  The Mint adds new lessons related to America the Beautiful Quarters® and Native American $1 coin programs each year. 

Our new lesson plan Web site is a major part of the Educators section of the Mint Web site.  Go to or click on the following:
The home page of our new lesson plan Web site has several sections to help educators find content that suits their educational goals.
You can search for lessons by selecting one, more than one, or all of the filters in our Lesson Plan Finder search tool.
Give you a summary of the critical features of each of the lesson plans.
Each lesson plan features tabs with all information related to preparing for, implementing, modifying and assessing the lesson

Previous Improvements

As we release improvements, a visual tour provides an explanation of the new features, enhancements, content, and functionality.  Previous improvements are archived to allow you to view our progress and history.

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