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August 2006 Highlights
1. San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coin Program
San Francisco Mint

This Act, Public Law 109-230, commemorates the second United States Mint production facility in San Francisco, California, also known as the "Granite Lady." Constructed between 1870 and 1874, the Historic Old Mint in San Francisco was one of very few buildings to survive the disastrous April 18, 1906, earthquake and fire intact. Water from the United States Mint’s artesian well was pumped into the city to help fight the fires and provide drinking water for many of the city’s displaced residents.

The United States Mint was the only financial institution capable of operating immediately after the disaster and became the treasury for disaster relief funds, performing other emergency banking services as well.

This is the second commemorative coin program of 2006 and sales began on August 15, 2006. The program includes two commemorative coins, a $5 gold coin and a silver dollar. Surcharges from the sale of these commemorative coins are authorized to be directed to the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society for use in rehabilitating the Historic Old Mint in San Francisco as a city museum and an American coin and gold rush museum.

2. Undaunted If Not Unshaken
Time Machine

After San Francisco’s great earthquake and fires of 1906, the building that housed the United States Mint was not unshaken...but it was still intact. Experience the story of how the Granite Lady helped sustain the devastated city in the latest Time Machine adventure! The era is "San Francisco Earthquake, 1906." This feature from the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change™ site is a great way to teach your children about this significant event in American history.

3. Return of Sales for Westward Journey Nickel Series™ Products
Westward Journey Nickel Series™

Recent legislation passed by Congress permits the sale of remaining numismatic products containing 2004- and 2005-dated nickels, including the 2005 United States Mint Silver Proof Set™ , as well as both 2004- and 2005-dated bags and two-roll sets and collectible First Day Coin Covers.

The authorizing legislation for the Westward Journey Nickel Series required that the reverse (tail side) of any 5-cent coin (nickel) issued after December 31, 2005, bear an image of Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. The technical amendment re-opened sales of numismatic products containing coins that were issued prior to this date.

4. United States Mint Issues Nationwide Call for Artists.
United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program: Call for Artists

The United States Mint is inviting artists from throughout the United States to participate in its Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) to enrich and invigorate American coin and medal design. The new invitations seek up to 10 Associate Designers – professional visual artists – and up to six Student Designers – undergraduate and graduate level artists – to supplement the pool of "Master Designers" currently under contract in the program. The selected student designers will participate in a summer internship with the United States Mint sculptor-engravers at the United States Mint at Philadelphia. United States Mint sculptor-engravers will continue to model the designs prepared by the Artistic Infusion Program artists as well as submit their own designs. Deadlines for applications are September 15, for Associates, and October 16, for students.

5. Interact with History
Historic Timeline

The United States Mint is proud to add an exciting new feature to its website: an interactive timeline. Watch the national map grow state by state, beginning in 1787, as different states are admitted into the Union.

The timeline presents important historic people, places, and events, including the places that have served as production facilities, assay offices or branch mints. Each facility first appears as a grey dot on the map, turns an active green when the facility opens, and changes to a red dot with an "X" if the facility closes. Their years of operation are linked to the timeline function.

Many of the coins produced by the United States Mint are also featured. Get a brief numismatic history of the Nation, from the 1793 large cent to the 2006 "Return to Monticello" design that completes the popular Westward Journey Nickel Series™. Using the series of presidential medals, the timeline also shows who was president at any selected time. Interact with the history of the United States Mint and the Nation at the Historic Timeline.

6. In This Corner…
Historian's Corner

More historic information awaits you in the Historian’s Corner, another new section of the United States Mint’s website. Use the primary documents there to learn about the history of the United States Mint and of coinage in the United States. These searchable source materials provide snapshots of the life and times of the United States Mint.

This feature is presented by the United States Mint’s Historian’s Office, whose goal is to retain the heritage of the United States Mint’s past and to present this history within the proper context. When you visit the Historian's Corner, you’ll find the helpful pages listed below:

  • Who We Are, which describes the Historian’s Corner.
  • Striking News, which highlights material relevant to the United States Mint’s history.
  • History of the Mint, which describes the history of the United States Mint.
  • Nuggets from the Vault, which use primary source documents to support articles on a numismatic theme. These feature-length articles, containing links to their source materials, will be added regularly.
  • Coin Image Library, which lets you search images of coins produced by the United States Mint from 1892 to 1954.
  • Archives, where you can search documents and images related to the United States Mint’s history.

To start, the Historian’s Corner will offer information on topics like commemorative coins (minted 1892–1954), legislation (1892–1954), excerpts from annual reports (1883–1906), and press releases (1968–1978).

7. Nero’s Silver Strike
August Coin of the Month: Morgan Dollar

This month, Nero the United States Mint Police Dog mines the rich history of the Morgan silver dollar. This coin played a part in Nevada’s mining history and even enjoyed a brief comeback in 1921. Get the story in the August, 2006, Coin of the Month .

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