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October 2006 Highlights
1. A Bold New Look - Presidential $1 Coin Designs Unveiled
Line Drawing of the obverse and reverse of the George Washington Presidential $1 Coin

On November 20, 2006, Americans saw a bold new look for circulating coinage when we shared the first four designs in the new Presidential $1 Coin Program with the public. By moving many of the inscriptions to the edge of the coins, we are able to feature larger, more dramatic artwork to honor the leaders of our Nation. In 2007, we will release the George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison $1 Coins. The reverse design, a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty, will remain constant throughout the program.

Beginning in February, check your change for these new circulating coins, and watch your inbox for the latest information on the many collectible options we will offer. To make sure you are always in the know about this exciting new series, subscribe to our Presidential $1 Coin newsletter today.

2. Share Your Hobby with Someone You Love
Logo: Collecting America's Coins: Beginner Basics

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby with a language all its own, and now is a great time to introduce someone you love to your favorite pastime. Our Collecting America’s Coins: Beginner Basics set has all the information a new numismatist needs to get started, including the history, design and manufacturing processes that have contributed to more than two centuries of American coinage. So, if you’re tired of explaining the difference between proof and uncirculated finish, give the gift of knowledge this holiday season and buy your set today.

3. Start a New Tradition – 50 State Quarters® Greetings from America
Items from the 50 State Quarters® Greetings from America series

The 50 State Quarters® Program may be nearing completion, but did you know that you can still buy sets featuring these popular coins going all the way back to the start of the series? Our 50 State Quarters Greetings from America product line offers educational coin and stamp sets for each year from 1999 to the present. These sets come in beautiful packages that showcase the artistry of American coins and stamps. And best of all, with sets still available from the start of the program to the present, you won’t have to spend time searching for early sets to fill your collection. Start a new tradition today with the 50 State Quarters® Greetings from America Series.

4. A Closer Look
Peter the Mint Eagle gazing at the December Coin of the Month.

Before there was a United States Mint, before there were even states, there was New England. This collection of British colonies along the Atlantic coast found it necessary to make their own coins, contrary to the King's law. Read about a short-lived but crucial American first as Peter the Mint Eagle presents the December Coin of the Month.

5. Celebrating Service?
'Did You Know?' logo

This holiday season is the perfect time to remember one of America's first numismatic gifts: Legend has it that Martha Washington donated some of her personal silverware to make the Nation's first silver coinage.

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