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February 2010 Highlights
1.  2010 Kennedy Half-Dollar Bags and Two-Roll Sets Now Available
2010 Kennedy Half-Dollar Coin

Order this year's Kennedy half-dollar in a 200-coin bag, which contains 100 coins from both the United States Mint at Philadelphia and Denver, or in a two-roll set, which includes 20 coins from each of these facilities. Purchase these products today!

2.  2010 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Set™ On Sale Now!
2010 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Set

This year marks the fourth year of the Presidential $1 Coin Program, which honors Presidents Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln, whose 200th birthday was commemorated last year.  This set includes all four of this year's Presidential $1 Coins in proof condition, and is now available for you to purchase for yourself or others! Visit the United States Mint Web site today!

3.  First 2010-dated Presidential $1 Coin Available in Rolls
Millard Filmore $1Presidential Coin

Millard Fillmore was our Nation's 13th President and is the first featured in this year's Presidential $1 Coin Program.  It is available on the United States Mint Web site in rolls of 25 coins each, from either of the United States Mint facilities at Philadelphia or Denver. Purchase these rolls today!

4.  2009 Products Still Available for Sale!
Online Catalog

As 2010 is already well underway, don't forget to make sure you have all the great products that are still available from 2009, including the 2009 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set™, Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set "Professional Life," Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set "Presidency," and the popular 2009 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set®.  These products will never be produced again, so order today!

5.  Upcoming Product Releases!
Upcoming Products Calendar
2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar 2/25/2010
2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar 3/23/2010
United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set™ - Millard Fillmore 3/26/2010
First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Coin - Abigail Fillmore March
Abigail Fillmore Bronze Medal 1 5/16" March
Millard Fillmore $1 Coin Cover April
2010 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set (P&D) April

6.  A Symbol Familiar to Lincoln
Coin of the Month

The union shield is a symbol that was widely used during Abraham Lincoln's time.  Find out what it means now that it's the centerpiece of the one-cent coin's new reverse design.  That's Plinky's focus as she presents February's Coin of the Month.  

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