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May 2006 Highlights
1. United States Mint Silver Proof Set™ (10-coin)
2006 Proof Set
This year's set includes all five quarters issued in 2006 through the 50 State Quarters™ Program. They are Nevada "The Silver State," Nebraska "Chimney Rock," Colorado "Colorful Colorado," North Dakota "Badlands with Bison," and South Dakota "Mount Rushmore and Pheasant." The set also includes proof versions of the 2006 Golden Dollar, Kennedy half-dollar, Roosevelt dime, new "Return to Monticello" Jefferson nickel, and Lincoln cent. The dime, five quarters and half-dollar are all struck in 90 percent silver. This magnificent silver proof set includes two clear, protective coin cases featuring proof versions of all 10 circulating coins produced in 2006. Click here to view this product.
2. 2006 Nickel Official First Day Coin Cover
2006 Nickel Official First Day Coin Cover
The 2006 "Return to Monticello" Nickel Official First Day Coin Cover is the fifth and final cover in the Westward Journey Nickel Series™. The designs featured on the 2006 "Return to Monticello" nickel will remain in circulation for years to come. This limited-edition cover of 50,000 sets features two "Return to Monticello" nickels from the first day of mintage, January 4, 2006, at the United States Mint at Philadelphia and December 29, 2005, at the United States Mint at Denver. Each cover includes a handsome display card with the 39-cent United States Lady Liberty and Flag postage stamp. The postmark of January 12, 2006, Charlottesville, Virginia, marks the day the "Return to Monticello" nickels were first released to the Federal Reserve Bank and to the public. Click here to view this product. Click here to learn more about the "Return to Monticello" design.
3. When in Denver….Tour the United States Mint
Tour Denver Mint

Planning a trip to Denver? Well now it is easier than ever to schedule a tour of the United States Mint at Denver. You can make online reservations to tour the facility up to three months in advance right here. To learn more about the United States Mint at Denver and for more specific tour information, visit our main Denver tours page.

4. Got Bullion?
Close up image of a gold bullion coin

A bullion coin is a coin that normally interests investors based on its weight in a specific precious metal. Unlike commemorative or numismatic coins that usually appeal to collectors based on mintage, design, production process and packaging, bullion coins are normally purchased by persons specifically interested in investing in their medal content.

Congressionally authorized American Eagle Bullion Coins provide investors with a convenient and cost effective way to add precious metals to their investment portfolios. Unlike the proof version, the United States Mint does not sell American Eagle Bullion Coins directly to the public. Instead, the United States Mint distributes uncirculated Bullion coins through a network of Authorized Purchasers.

This summer the United States Mint is pleased to present a new bullion product, the American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin. These bullion coins are pure 24K gold (.9999 fine) and will be available from a precious metals dealer near you. For a list of retailers in your area, please click here.

5. The Westward Way
H.I.P. Pocket Change: Nebraska Quarter

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel West in the 1800s? Your trail probably began in or around Nebraska! Nebraska’s quarter highlights the many pioneers who passed through the area. This quarter is the coin for May’s "Coin of the Month," presented by Nero the Mint Police Dog. Nero will tell you about the state’s early history and even a secret about the sun on the Nebraska quarter!

6. Coinundrum
Did you know?

Question: How big was the first batch of coins that the United States Mint produced?

Answer: The Mint’s first batch of circulating coins was worth $111.78. Those 11,178 copper cents were produced in March of 1793. Soon after, the Mint began issuing gold and silver coins as well.

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