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2012 Native American $1 Coin Rolls

Purchase your circulating quality Native American $1 Coins in 100-Coin rolls directly from the United States Mint. The 2012 Native American $1 Coin theme is “Trade Routes in the 17th Century,” and features designs of a Native American and horse in profile with horses running in the background, representing the historical spread of the horse. See designs of the 2012 Native American $1 Coin.

2012 United States Mint Proof Set ®

Enhance your collection with the 2012 United States Mint Proof Set. This popular collection has long been a collector favorite. The 2012 set includes 14 coins in stunning proof quality displayed in three protective lenses. Conveniently priced at $31.95, this collection makes the perfect gift for graduations, anniversaries Father's Day and first-time collectors. Continue or start an annual tradition by purchasing this unique set now.

2012 Kennedy Half-Dollar Bags and Rolls

Collectors may now place orders for the 2012 Kennedy Half-Dollar in a two-roll set of 40 coins or a 200-coin bag. The half-dollar coins feature a 1963 portrait of President John F. Kennedy and are struck at the United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver. Add this traditional numismatic to your collection now.

2012 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set ®

A popular collector's edition, the United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is now available for purchase. Each set contains a total of 28 uncirculated quality 2012 dated-coins from the United States Mint at Denver and Philadelphia. Purchase one of these keepsake sets for your collection or as a gift now.

2012 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set ™

Complete your collection with the handsomely displayed 2012 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set. The 2012 set honors Presidents Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (first term), Benjamin Harris and Grover Cleveland (second term). Each coin has a common reverse design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty. Priced at $18.95, this set will enhance any collection. Purchase a United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set for yourself, a friend or family member today!

2012 Presidential $1 Coins – Grover Cleveland (first term)

Collectors can now purchase the 2012 Grover Cleveland (first term) $1 Coins in several product options, including a 25-coin roll, 100-coin bag, 250-coin box and a 500-coin box. Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later and also the only President married at the White House.Purchase $1 coins minted in his honor by visiting our online catalog,

05/29/2012 2012 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin – El Yunque National Forest
06/04/2012 2012 United States Mint Silver Proof Set®
06/07/2012 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set

H.I.P. Pocket Change

The Infantry Story

The Infantry Story

For May's Coin of the Month, Bill the Mint Buffalo presents the story behind the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar. Learn about the work of the U.S. Army Infantry since it sprang from the Continental Army, formed during the Nation's earliest days.

This coin is also playing a part in setting up the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. It will tell the story of the Infantry and its part in American history. Learn more on both the Commemorative Coins page and the May Coin of the Month page!

Exercise Your Memory!

2012 Triple Play

How well do you know the 2012 quarter designs? You'll know them much better after you play Triple Play, the 2012 addition to the America the Beautiful Quarters® Games!

In this third game of the America the Beautiful Quarters Games, you study one of the quarters to remember its details. Then you get three chances to pick from three images that together will reassemble the quarter's design. If you get all three parts correct – triple play!

If you're a teacher, also be sure to check out the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Program lesson plans, designed for grades K through 12 and available free online!