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October 2006 Highlights
1. Don’t Miss Out on 2006 Products
2006 catalog products

The year is coming to an end, and that means time is running out to purchase some of the United States Mint's most exciting products from 2006, including those in the San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coin Program.

These historical coins celebrate the instrumental role the San Francisco Old Mint played in the recovery and rebuilding of a great American city. This coin program, our second commemorative offering for 2006, comprises a $5 gold coin and a silver dollar in both proof and uncirculated versions. Sales for these limited-mintage coins will end soon, so order now before time is up.

Meanwhile, some of our most popular products will be updated in early 2007. So, take another look at our fine selection of 2006 annual sets , American Eagle precious metal coins , and the American Buffalo 24K Gold Proof Coin before the year ends.

2. Gift Giving Made Easy
United States Mint wrapping paper with a gold bow.

Are you thinking about giving a gift from the United States Mint? Do collectible coins round out your holiday or birthday wish list? Then here are a few things you should know about how we make gift giving easy.

  • You can order a gift box (or gift wrap, depending on product size) for most of our products at a cost of only $5.95 per item. Other items may be too large, bulky or heavy for gift packaging.
  • The United States Mint offers two delivery options – standard and expedited. To ensure standard delivery by December 25, 2006, orders for in-stock items must be received by no later than December 4, 2006. Expedited delivery of in-stock items is available for an additional $12.95 over the standard $4.95 shipping and handling charge. Expedited orders must be placed by December 11, 2006, in order to ensure delivery by December 25, 2006.
3. Subscriptions Are Gifts That Keep on Giving
 Varied United States Mint Products

Buying gifts for coin collectors is tough – there are so many choices, and you don’t always know what they already have. Fortunately, we have a solution for this holiday season and beyond.

Subscriptions are available for many of our most popular products, including our classic proof sets, uncirculated coin set, American Eagle Silver Proof Coin and several 50 State Quarters® products like spoons, bags and rolls, First Day Coin Covers and the Greetings From America Series. These subscriptions offer convenient access to these products, year after year.

Because all of the subscriptions start with the next product to be released, you can rest assured that this is one gift the coin collector in your life doesn’t already own. (And for those of you who are coin collectors, subscriptions are a great way to plan your 2007 purchases ahead of time.)

4. Location, Location, Location
Image of the timeline page on the United States Mint web site.

The United States Mint currently operates facilities across the United States in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; West Point, New York; and Fort Knox, Kentucky. But did you also know that there have been United States Mint facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; and other cities across the country? You can check out our interactive timeline for information about all the facilities that the United States Mint has operated over the years and what was happening at that time. You can also take tours of our Denver and Philadelphia facilities in person, or you can take a Virtual Tour and learn all about the United States Mint's coin making processes right from your computer.

5. Celebrating Service?
Nero the Mint Dog in an Army helmet and the words Veterans Day.

Here’s a way for teachers and parents to help children celebrate Veterans Day and to honor those who sacrifice to protect our freedoms. The Veterans Day page has many links to activities and information about veterans and the coins and medals that celebrate them. Check it out!

6. A Closer Look
November’s Coin of the Month.  A closer look wit Inspector Collector holding magnifying glass and looking at the nose of a President on Mount Rushmore.

Which national treasure is both a mountain and a sculpture? When and how and why did it come to be? Inspector Collector can help you and your children find the answers as he takes a closer look at one of the subjects of the South Dakota quarter, November’s Coin of the Month .

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