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September 2006 Highlights
1. American Eagle Coin Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Silver and Gold American Eagle Coin Sets

In 2006, the United States Mint celebrates an important milestone – the 20th Anniversary of the American Eagle Coin Program . Bearing two of the most evocative and cherished designs ever struck on our Nation’s coinage, American Eagle Coins in gold and silver are among the most beautiful and memorable coins ever created by the United States Mint.

To commemorate the occasion, the United States Mint has offered limited-edition sets, featuring both gold and silver American Eagle Coins in proof, reverse proof and uncirculated conditions. All of these 2006-dated coins are one-ounce versions of the popular American Eagles and carry either a "P" or "W" mint mark of the United States Mint at Philadelphia and West Point. Sales of the American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Set quickly reached its product limit of 10,000 and the set is no longer available.

The 3-coin gold and 3-coin silver sets each contain a reverse proof version of the American Eagle. By reversing the mirror-like finish of a traditional proof coin and applying it to the design elements of the coin, a magnificent contrast is achieved. The 3-coin silver set is still available and has a product limit of 250,000.

Collectors also have the opportunity to purchase a two-coin set featuring both Saint-Gaudens' Liberty and Weinman's Walking Liberty together. These two designs recall the golden age of American coin design and each serves as a constant reminder of the values and ideals upon which the United States has thrived for more than 230 years. This product has a limit of 20,000 sets.

American Eagle Uncirculated Coins in platinum, gold and silver, in all denominations, will be debuting this year in the Holiday Catalog. These coins will be produced to demand.

2. North Dakota First Day Coin Covers Continue Tradition
North Dakota First Day Coin Covers

On September 25, 2006, the 2006 North Dakota Official First Day Coin Cover will be released. As the 39th coin in the popular 50 State Quarters® Program, it is the 39th in the series of 50 State Quarters® Program First Day Coin Covers . This limited-edition cover – only 50,000 will be produced - features two North Dakota quarter-dollars from the first day of mintage, July 31, 2006. Each cover includes two quarters, one each from the United States Mint at Philadelphia and Denver, on a handsome display card with the 39-cent United States Lady Liberty and Flag postage stamp. The postmark of August 28, 2006, Jamestown, North Dakota, marks the day the North Dakota quarter-dollars were first released to the Federal Reserve Bank and to the public.

3. United States Mint Launches National Ad Campaign
Set of Coins

On September 4, 2006, the United States Mint launched a new national advertising campaign across print, television and online channels. Print ads featuring United States Mint annual coin sets will appear in a wide variety of national and specialty publications, and two television commercials – "Are You a Numismatist" and "Someone You Love" – will promote the numismatic hobby on network and cable television. In addition, ads for a number of United States Mint products will appear across the Web in the form of banner ads and sponsored search results. Be on the lookout for these new ads through the end of this year.

4. Looking for a Great Gift Idea?
Birthday Cake with 'Happy Birthday' written on it and 6 candles.

Throughout the year, we all encounter many occasions that call for the perfect gift. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, welcoming a new child, or simply marking a special occasion, giving a gift from the United States Mint sends a clear message that this is a day to remember. And with the new Gift Ideas section of the United States Mint’s online catalog, finding the perfect present has never been easier. Launched in early September, this section of the website allows shoppers to browse common gift-giving occasions for the perfect gift idea. Find yours today!

5. September's Coin of the Month
Plinky the Pig over a picture of grazing Bison.  North Dakota written above the scene.

This month, Plinky the Mint Pig takes you to the Badlands to explore the new North Dakota quarter. Find out a little about this design, the state, and how North Dakota gained statehood as Plinky presents this coin as the Coin of the Month for September .

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