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Experience our New Shopping Site.


New look. New Features.

United States Mint

Ready! (Re)Set! Shop!

Shopping on our new site for the first time? Be sure to reset your password first. As a safety and privacy measure, the new site requires all current account holders to reset their passwords before shopping the new site. While customers’ order history and other information have been retained, passwords must be reset. Doing so in advance of shopping will save time and streamline your shopping experience. Please note that.

Here’s how:

  1. Use your existing U.S. Mint Login
  2. Enter your existing password
  3. You will then receive an e-mail and be prompted to reset your password

Upgrade Your Browser...Upgrade Your Experience

For optimal access to the new online catalog, be sure to use one of the system’s preferred browsers: Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), Chrome or Firefox. System upgrades for personal computers are free and easy to download.

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Now You’re Set,
You’re Going to Love the New Site

Contacting the Mint for Assistance

As part of the transition to the new online catalog, the Customer Call Center has experienced high volume at times as customers place orders, request help with password resets or check order status. To alleviate wait times, the Mint is routing calls based on specific concerns and adding staff to take calls. The online e-chat feature may sometimes be temporarily disabled so that we can handle more calls. We encourage customers to access the catalog to place orders, update account information and check order status. They can also email the customer support center directly at and expect a response within 24 hours.

Secure Credit Card Information

Please note that during the migration to the new system, the Mint took extra precautions to ensure information was safe and secure. Existing customer credit card information was not transferred unless the customer had an open subscription order. The Mint did this in the interest of privacy and to safeguard customer information. Also note that credit card orders now require the three- or four-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) code found on the back of credit cards. This code is a common requirement serving as additional security for you and the online merchant by proving the buyer actually has the physical credit or debit card while helping to reduce fraudulent transactions.

Experience the Site

Get familiar with the new U.S. Mint shopping website:

Visual Tours

Below are visual tours to provide an overview of the new features, enhancements, content, and functionality.

  • Subscription Service is Now Known as Enrollments
  • More Personalized “My Account” Page
  • Redesigned Checkout Page
  • Feedback

    So, what do you think of our new redesigned website?

    The Mint Web team constantly evaluates customer feedback, industry standards, and emerging technologies to develop new and enhance existing services. Your feedback is crucial to our success. Please share your suggestions on how we can improve our Web communications.


    Frequently Asked Questions about our new order management system and redesigned shopping website.