Tanya Washington

Tanya Washington

Field Chief of Police

Philadelphia Mint

Tanya K. Washington is the Field Chief of the United States Mint Police at Philadelphia. She is responsible for providing direction, supervision and administration to the overall security posture and law enforcement programs for the Police at the world’s largest Mint, located in the historical Independence Mall District.

Tanya began her law enforcement career in 1989 with the Philadelphia Police Department and worked in various assignments such as Tactical Response, and her personal interest, Community Policing. In 1997, she joined the U.S Mint at Philadelphia as a Police Officer and has served with distinction in every leadership position in the department to include Sergeant, Lieutenant and Inspector. Throughout her career, she exemplifies the core values of the Office of Protection by her continuous hard work and dedication in safeguarding the Mint’s assets, defending against acts of crime and supporting the agency business.

Tanya is a leader with a vision, ability to motivate others and believe teamwork is a key to success. She’s a native of Philadelphia, embraces diversity and inclusion, respect across cultures and understand what it takes to effectively serve the Mint community.

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