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All United States Mint tours and stores, including those in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Denver, are closed until further notice. Visit us at to purchase our products.

More than 1,600 employees work at six United States Mint facilities:

The Mint’s sustainability program reduces the Mint’s energy, water and material usage at each of its facilities.


New U.S. Mint Virtual Tours App

philadelphia mint virtual environmentIn the new U.S. Mint Virtual Tours mobile app, numismatists of all ages can go behind-the-scenes at the Philadelphia Mint to see how coins are made. Explore the production floors and follow the steps of circulating coin creation through videos, images, and 3-D models. Along the way, collect hidden coins. This app is the first in a series of virtual tours that will showcase Mint facilities.

Download the virtual tour extension activity (PDF) with bingo cards suitable for multiple age levels.

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The Mint offers free in-person tours of the Philadelphia and Denver facilities, which cover the present state of coin manufacturing and the history of the Mint. Visitors learn about the craftsmanship required at all stages of the minting process, from the original designs and sculptures to the actual striking of the coins.

Sales Counters: Where to Buy Our Coins

You can buy our coins online 24 hours a day. The coin stores in Philadelphia, Denver, and Washington, DC are currently closed.

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