Circulating Coins Production

The data below provides production figures for circulating coins as classified by denomination as well as by program.

  • Cumulative figures are updated monthly.
  • Data includes both active and inactive programs.
  • Presidential $1 Coins, Native American $1 Coins and Kennedy Half Dollar Coins are currently only minted for numismatic products.
  • Coins minted for numismatic bags, rolls, and boxes are produced in the circulating departments of the United States Mints at Philadelphia and Denver, and may be shown in circulating totals.

Select a program and year before running a report.

2014 Circulating Coins Coin Production

Column11 5 10 25 50 N.A. $1Pres $1Total:
Denver4155.60 M570.72 M1177.00 M862.80 M 2.10 M 2.80 M15.26 M6786.28 M
Philadelphia3990.80 M635.52 M1125.50 M717.40 M 2.50 M 3.08 M19.88 M6494.68 M
Total:8146.40 M1206.24 M2302.50 M1580.20 M 4.60 M 5.88 M35.14 M13280.96 M
Pres. $1: Presidential $1 Coin
N.A. $1: Native American $1 Coin

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