Circulating Coins Production

The data below provides production figures for circulating coins as classified by denomination as well as by program.

Select a program and year before running a report.

2018 Circulating Coins Coin Production

Cent5 Cent10 Cent25 Cent 50 CentN.A. $1Pres. $1Total:
Denver476.4 M78.0 M116.5 M95.2 M2.2 M 2.1 M0 M770.4 M
Philadelphia528.4 M73.44 M136.5 M89.6 M 1.8 M1.4 M0 M831.14 M
Total:1004.8 M151.44 M253.0 M184.8 M4.0 M3.5 M0 M1601.54 M
Pres. $1: Presidential $1 Coin
N.A. $1: Native American $1 Coin

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