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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards

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Change Mixer
Grades K–5
Math, Physical Education
Students will use their abilities to recognize coins and their values in this game that focuses on locomotor skills (skip, slide, gallop, run, jump). This game also requires students to add coin values.

Ancient Story Problems
Grades 3–8
Math, Social Studies, Technology
Students will research ancient civilizations and develop story problems using symbols and coins from those times. Students will then retell these story problems using modern terms and coins. This lesson is part of the Unit Plan “Ancient and Modern Coins.”

Nickel, Quarter and Dime
Grades 6–8
Students will play a game to help them develop an appreciation for statistical methods as a powerful means for decision making.

A Special Place
Grades 9–12
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies
Students will explore how personal experiences can lead to conservation efforts. Students will demonstrate their understanding by creating a digital presentation proposing the conservation of a special place.

Give Me Liberty
Grades 11–12
Social Studies, Language Arts
Students will define "liberty" and explore the concept in our nation's history and culture. Students will connect the office of the presidency to our nation's development and its place in history, then create a multimedia presentation.

Newest lesson plansNEW

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site: A Notable Narrative
Grades 2–3
Language Arts
Social Studies

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site: Champion a Cause
Grades 4–6
Language Arts

Effigy Mounds National Monument: Shapes and Symbols
Grades K–1

Effigy Mounds National Monument: Explanatory Texts
Grades 2–3
Language Arts

Follow the Flag
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology

It's in the Details
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Science

What's in a Cave?
Grades 2–3
Art, Science, Social Studies

Top rated lesson plansTOP RATED

  1. Using Guess, Check and Revise
    Grades 3–5
  2. Making Friends
    Grade 1
    Language Arts, Social Studies
  3. The Alphabet of Coins
    Grades K–2
    Language Arts, Technology
  4. Can You Make a Penny Float?
    Grades 3–5
  5. Are You Money Smart?
    Grades 3–5
    Language Arts, Math