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Get Ready to Travel

Nero, your customs agent, has your passport.

Nero the Mint Police Dog is your customs agent.   He has your passport.
A passport is a little book that the government gives you
to prove that you're a citizen.   Bring it whenever you visit
a foreign country to show what country you're from.

The Exchange-o-meter changes money from American dollars to Canadian dollars.
Canadian coin images copyright 2009 Royal Canadian Mint.   All rights reserved.
Images de pieces Canadiens © 2009 Monnaie Royale Canadienne.   Tous droits réservés.

Every nation's coins tell stories about that nation's most important people, places, and ideals.   Canada's coins tell these stories too.

Canadian coins are called cents and dollars and use the symbol "$" just like American coins, but we'll use "C$" for Canadian dollars.   Here are a few of the coins you’ll use on your trip and see in the Travel Guide.   You'll have one hundred dollars to spend as your travel allowance.   On this day, the Exchange-O-Meter says your 100 American dollars are worth 108 Canadian dollars.   The rates can change from day to day.


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