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Mississippi 2002

Quarter number 20 comes from the magnolia state, Mississippi.  Pierre Magnol is the plant scientist who named the magnolia.  It's popular throughout the South even though it originally came from Asia.

In 1900, Mississippi school children were asked to choose a state flower.  The magnolia flower won easily, but the state's legislature didn't make it the official state flower until 1952.  In 1935, school children voted again, this time for a state tree.  The magnolia tree won, and it became official only three years later, in 1938.

Governor Ronnie Musgrove sent three design ideas to the Mint for its artists to work on.  From the three final designs that the Mint sent back to him, he chose "The Magnolia State" as the final quarter design.

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The Magnolia State
December 10, 1817
The Mississippi Quarter

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