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Texas 2004

On December 29, 1845, Texas entered the Union.  But the road to statehood was a rocky one, with four other flags flying over Texas before it became state number 28, and one other flag afterward.  Many countries wanted the land that is now Texas, including Spain, France, and Mexico.  After many battles, Texas won its independence and became its own Republic.  About nine years later, Texas became part of the United States.

The flag of the Republic of Texas is now the state flag.  Its single five-pointed white star shines from a field of blue, bordered with horizontal stripes of white above and red below.  Though Texas is famous for oil wells, cowboys, and chili, perhaps nothing stands for the Texas spirit like that single star shown on this new quarter.

A rope encircles an outline of the state behind a lone star, labeled "The Lone Star State."

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The Lone Star State
December 29, 1845
The Texas Quarter

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