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National Coin Week
National Coin Week 2016 | April 17-23, 2016

Do you know about all the history you can learn from coins? National Coin Week started for just that reason. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan set aside the third week in April as a time for people to get to know about numismatics — the hobby and study of coins and paper money. Why? Because collecting coins can help you learn about science, history, and important people, places and events. Besides, lots of people find that collecting coins is just plain fun!

National Coin Week's theme for 2016 is “Portraits of Liberty: Icon of Freedom.” Check out the lesson plans and activities below that connect you to Liberty and other iconic images found on our nation's coinage.


National Coin Week runs from April 17 to 23. We've picked one of our free lessons and activities for each day of the week. Join the fun by coming back every day! 

Just before 1909, there was an image of Lady Liberty on almost every circulating American coin. But over the following 38 years, she was gradually replaced on all of them, mostly by former presidents. Although Lady Liberty doesn't circulate anymore, she still appears on some special coins. 

Lesson Plan: Give Me Liberty
Grades 11 and 12, Social Studies

Activity: Learn how Lady Liberty found her way into the Presidential $1 Coin Program with the Jefferson, Jackson, and Van Buren First Spouse Gold coins.

Fun Fact: Why Lady Liberty doesn't get around much anymore ... Find out the reason!

Mix it up! Learn coin values, work on basic arithmetic skills and get some exercise at the same time. This lesson allows students to combine different coins to create specified values. 

Lesson Plan: Change Mixer
Grades K through 5, Math

Activity: Ever wonder how U.S. coins are made? Check out “How Coins Are Made... for Kids!” and learn how...

Fun Fact: Groove-y edges made them harder to copy...Learn why!

Have you ever thought about starting a coin collection? Or perhaps you are just curious about it. Learn how to begin a collection and care for it using our Coin Collector's Workshop. You can also use the lessons in Inspector Collector' s Coin Course to help you learn even more!

Activity: Think you know all U.S. coin denominations? Prove it by playing “Dollar Dive” and collect coins of different value to outrun Sea Monster!

Fun Fact: If you're worth 25 cents, why not say so? Learn more!

U.S. coins can be used to teach all sorts of lessons. Students will play a game to help them develop an appreciation for statistical methods as a powerful means for decision making. 

Lesson Plan: Nickel, Quarter and Dime
Grades 6, 7 and 8, Math

Activity: Test your memory and visual identity skills with our Coin Memory Game.

Fun Fact: Honest, you'd be lucky to have a silly head! Here's why...


Think about all of the stories you have read or been told about. In this lesson, students will research ancient civilizations and develop story problems using symbols and coins of both yesterday and today. 

Lesson Plan: Ancient Story Problems
Grades 3 through 8, Math/Social Studies/Technology

Activity: Check out ways to share your new hobby of coin collecting with others.

Fun Fact: Lady Liberty was on her feet for 42 years... Find out why...

Did you know that bigger banks make rules for the smaller banks? In today's lesson, students will learn about the Federal Reserve System and its role in the monetary supply system. 

Lesson Plan: You Can Bank on It
Grades 9 through 12, Economics

Activity: Take a look inside the U.S. Mint and learn a little more about the facilities that make coins.

Fun Fact: The whole country makes money when the Mint makes money... Learn why!

Explore how personal experiences can lead to conservation efforts. Students will demonstrate their understanding by creating a digital presentation proposing the conservation of a special place.

Lesson Plan: A Special Place
Grades 9 through 12, Art/Language Arts/Social Studies

Activity: Design your own coin

Fun Fact: Lady Liberty saved a Civil War sea captain ... Learn more!

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