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The Real Tour of the United States Mint

You can tour both the Philadelphia and the Denver facilities for free.  These tours cover the present state of coin manufacturing and the history of the United States Mint.  Learn about the craftsmanship required at all stages of the minting process, from designing to striking.  For visitors with special requirements, please call the Denver Public Affairs Office at 303-405-4761 or visit the Exhibits and Public Services Office in Philadelphia.

Take a virtual tour of the coin-making process, or plan a trip if you're near Denver or Philadelphia. Get more information on touring these United States Mint facilities:

The Philadelphia Mint
The United States Mint at Philadelphia
151 North Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1886

The Denver Mint
The United States Mint at Denver
320 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80204-2693

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