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Kids Baseball Coin Design Challenge from the United States Mint

Age group 0-5 Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up

Grand Prize Winner - Mollie

1st Runner Up - Nova
2nd Runner Up - Elizabeth
3rd Runner Up - Emily
4th Runner Up (tie) - Peyton
4th Runner Up (tie) - Henry

Age group 6-10 Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up

Grand Prize Winner - Ethan

1st Runner Up - Kadin
2nd Runner Up - Eliz
3rd Runner Up - Cory
4th Runner Up (tie) - Jonathan
4th Runner Up (tie) - Nicholas

Age group 11-13 Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up

Grand Prize Winner - Walter

1st Runner Up - Julia
2nd Runner Up - Macy
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Adhvayith
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Sue
3rd Runner Up (tie) - Kalei
4th Runner Up - Emma


Peter, the Mint Eagle The challenge is over but you can still step up to the plate and create a design. You probably have a lot of questions about coins, such as:
  • How are coins designed?
  • What does an artist think about when she/he sits down to design a coin?
  • Has the United States Mint ever created any sports coins?

Baseball players get ready for the regular season by practicing at training camp in the spring. So we've created a coin designer spring training camp to help YOU become a coin designer.

After you round all the bases and complete your spring training, you'll be ready to tackle creating your own coin design. And Peter will reward you with a certificate of completion!


There are 19 winners. The grand prize winner in each age bracket receives a National Baseball Hall of Fame $1 Silver Commemorative Coin! The runners-up in each age bracket received a clad version of the coin.

For Educators and Parents/Guardians

Want to help your young artist with her/his design? We've rounded up lesson plans, online games and other activities to help your budding artist learn about coins.

See our baseball coin educational resources.

  The Baseball Coin Design Kids' Challenge is part of the United States Mint's education initiative, and is independent of the Baseball Coin Design Competition.

A baseball lying on grass.

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