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Coin Designer Spring Training Camp


Pump Up Your Coin Knowledge!


Hey! I'm your manager, Peter the Mint Eagle. Welcome to Minty Field, where you are on the home team! The first step to become a well-prepared slugger is spring training. And the first step to becoming a baseball coin designer is to learn about coins.

  • Batter Up!

    Click on each of the bases to get my tips and facts about coins. I'll help you get ready to create a great design. When you finish your training, you earn a certificate of completion!

    Batter Up!
  • First base

    First Base!


    Has the Mint ever created coins about sports? Reach first base by checking out our sports coins that show sports in action at events such as the Olympic Games and soccer's World Cup. Then see our collection of Congressional Gold Medals awarded to legends such as Jesse Owens, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer and Joe Louis


    What kind of training does an athlete need? Play the Winter Coin Olympic Games to develop your sportsmanship, strategizing, and coordination skills.

  • Second Base

    Second Base!


    What do you need to know about coins and how to design them? Learn the difference between circulating and commemorative coins. Watch the Birth of a Coin cartoon to see how coins are made. Check out the Virtual Tour of the Coin-Making Process slide show for more details.


    Can you put the parts of a coin together to make a design and finish your training? Play Making Change to create a coin design on the computer. Or print out our coin design worksheet to draw at your desk.

  • Third base

    Third Base!


    How did American sports become racially integrated? Read about baseball legend Jackie Robinson and why he's been honored on a commemorative coin and on a Congressional Gold Medal on our page of black history medals.


    What other struggles led to racial integration? Take a trip to the 1950s in the Time Machine and find out!

  • Home Run

    Home Run!

    Congratulations on rounding all the bases to learn about coins! You've earned your Certificate of Completion from Manager Peter the Mint Eagle.

    Get My Certificate

    Spring Training Certificate
  • Play ball!
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The Baseball Coin Design Kids' Challenge is part of the United States Mint's education initiative, and is independent of the Baseball Coin Design Competition.

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