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Happy New Year!  Do you have your confetti and noise makers ready to celebrate the new school year?  We're happy too!

The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change website will continue to be your ongoing education resource this year.  You'll find that our fun and creative instructional ideas and tools can enrich and extend your standards-based curriculum in many core content areas.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Grades K through 12.
General plans are not connected with specific coin programs as those below are, but still help you explore the hidden treasures contained in circulating coins.  They cover grades K through 12 in all the major subject areas.  To make searching more convenient for you, these general plans plus the program plans listed below have been combined into a searchable lesson plans page.  You can always reach this search page from the "Lessons for K-12" item in the left navigation bar and the individual programs through the "By Coin Program" menu item right below it.

America the Beautiful Quarters Program.
Explore the rich history of national sites across the country with the new America the Beautiful Quarters® Program lesson plans!  This program of quarter designs runs from 2010 through 2021.  The plans are geared to grades K through 12.  Through the amazing diversity of our national parks, forests, battlefields, monuments and similar sites, a wide range of subject areas and skills are easily addressed.

Native American $1 Coin Program.
Concurrent with the Presidential $1 Coin Program is the Native American $1 Coin Program.  Each year, a new theme on the coin’s reverse highlights Native American contributions to the growth of the United States.  And each year, a new set of free Native American $1 Coin lesson plans is created around the new design, for grades K through 8.

These plans relate directly to the popular 50 State Quarters® Program.  The collection of 50 State Quarters Program lesson plans for grades K through 12 covers all 50 quarters plus a bonus plan for each grade group each year.  Although this coin program ended in 2008, its associated lesson plans remain a popular source of instructional guidance for the full range of study areas and grade levels across the country.

The Presidential $1 Coin Program honors all the past Presidents of the United States who have been deceased for at least two years, in the order in which they served in office.  The four coins struck during 2014 honor four 20th-century presidents:  Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Download our free Presidential $1 Coin lesson plans for grades K through 12.


Lessons that Make Cents.
As a busy teacher, you may find little time to check for new teaching resources.  Teachers’ Network to the rescue!  The Network’s "Lessons that Make Cents" comes right into your email inbox monthly, with occasional special issues announcing new lesson plans and activities.

Financial Literacy
The Financial Literacy page will help your students get started learning about money and how to handle it.  Many relevant lesson plans are linked for easy access.  At the bottom, there's a linked list of other agencies that also provide useful information.


Constitution Day
This September 17th, point your students to our Constitution Day page.  There they'll find a brief history of the day and a cool Constitution trivia quiz.  The page ends with some links to other features that tie in with this momentous day.

Branches of Power
Classification, reasoning, vocabulary and other skills come into play with Branches of Power.  As kids endeavor to save democracy from Oppressor Sam, they can research and learn about the Constitution and the three branches of the federal government.

Coin of the Month
Woo-hoo!  Every month, the Pals take turns choosing one lucky coin as Coin of the Month.  Sometimes they present an old coin, sometimes a brand new one, but new or old, they're always unearthing pithy treasures of information!

Plinkys Create a Card
Kids practice simple math skills with Plinky's Create-A-Card.  While choosing elements to customize their printable greeting cards, they delve into financial literacy through buying images and words and budgeting their virtual allowance.  Choose one of two skill levels or a quiz!

Presidential Portraits
Want students to learn more about past presidents?  While testing their knowledge of the presidents featured on U.S. coins, students use their memories to navigate.  Presidential Portraits.  This trivia game can be used with the Presidential $1 Coin lesson plans.

Need large, detailed images of the coins you’re studying?  Consider using the coloring pages!  These outline images are clear and larger than life size—perfect for perspicacious perusal, whether displayed overhead or distributed for individual use!

New Coins and Medals

On the Coin and Medal Programs page, you can learn more about all the new coins and medals produced by the United States Mint and link to additional pages of information that just may answer all of your questions about U.S. coins and medals.