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Dollar Coins

There are so many fun ways to introduce your students to American coins!  Below you will find a collection of educational resources to help get your students started.  To add additional lesson ideas to this site, please sign up to participate in the Teachers' Network.  And don't forget to visit the Circulating Coins section to find out more about all of the current circulating coins from the United States Mint!

Download, print, and color Presidential $1 coins!

Full-page outlines of these coins are available as PDF files or as Web graphics in the
Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plan Resource Center.

Image uses the George Washington coin as an example.  Washington's bust is surrounded by his name, first President, and the years he served:  1787 to 1799.The back of these coins features the Statue of Liberty, the words United States of America, and $1.

Download, print, and color the Golden Dollar!

Click on a coin image to download an Acrobat® file
containing outlines of both sides of this coin to color.

obverse: Sacagawea Golden Dollarreverse: Sacagawea Golden Dollar

Coin Information

Obverse Designs Golden Dollar:  Sacagawea (Native American who assisted the Lewis and Clark Expedition) and her infant son.
Presidential $1:  Series of Presidential busts, released in the order the Presidents served, beginning with George Washington
Obverse Designer Golden Dollar:  Glenna Goodacre
Presidential $1:  Various—see Pressroom
Reverse Design Golden Dollar:  Eagle in Flight
Presidential $1:  Statue of Liberty
Reverse Designer Golden Dollar:  Thomas D. Rogers
Presidential $1:  Don Everhart
Date of First Issue Golden Dollar:  2000
Presidential $1:  2007
Weight Both:  8.1 grams
Diameter Both:  1.043 in. or 26.5 mm
Thickness Both:  2.00 mm

Want to learn more?  Here's how!

Just For Fun!

Just For Fun!

Kids love coins!  Watch your students explore some of the fun activities below and watch them gain an appreciation for coins and coin collecting!

Games Presidential Portraits Become a contestant on this virtual quiz show and see how much you know about the Presidents on coins.
Branches of Power Take a look at the three branches of the federal government while you restore the Tree of Democracy.
Create-a-Card Create a greeting card by using your virtual allowance to "buy" designs.
Coin Memory Can you find the matching coins?  Test your memory!
Making Change Learn how the Lincoln cent and other coins are designed—and create your own!
Mark My Words Learn more about circulating coins in this crossword puzzle game.
Golden Dollar Puzzle Help unscramble Sacagawea's image!
Cartoons Birth of a Coin Follow a coin's creation from its initial design to its place in your pocket.  You've never see coins come to life like this!
Time Machine Time Machine 1778:  George Washington
1805:  Sacagawea and Thomas Jefferson
1814:  James Madison
CoinNews The Minting Process Revealed Check out how pennies and other coins are minted!
Presidential $1 Coin Program Learn all about the coins that honor past Presidents of the United States.
Camp Coin Fun With Coins! There are lots of fun things to do with coins...for example, "Cat and Mouse," a game that uses kinetic force.
Teachers' Corner

Teachers' Corner

This section is just for you!  Click on each of the sections below to find an inventory of educational resources from the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site related to the quarter.  These lesson plans activities will be a hit with your students and are ready to be used in your classroom today!

Lesson Plans

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