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Baseball Coin Educational Resources

Young artists had an opportunity to shine through the United States Mint's two baseball coin design competitions, which launched in Spring 2013. But the resources and activities developed for the Kids' Baseball Coin Design Challenge still provide for fun learning.

Baseball Coin Design Competition Logo
Baseball Coin Design Competition

For U.S. citizens/residents ages 14 and older with parental permission. The winning design will be used to create the obverse (heads) side of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin. And the winner will receive $5,000!  Learn more.
Kid's Baseball Coin Design Challenge Logo
Kid's Baseball Coin Design Challenge

For U.S. citizens/residents ages 13 and younger with parental permission. The public will select the winning designs. There will be 15 winners from 3 age brackets. The grand prize winner in each age bracket will receive a National Baseball Hall of Fame $1 Silver Commemorative Coin. The four runners up in each age bracket will receive a National Baseball Hall of Fame Half-Dollar Clad commemorative coin.  Learn more.
Peter the Mint Eagle at the Coin Designer Spring Training Camp Logo
Coin Designer Spring Training Camp

Does your budding artist need to learn more about coins before starting on a design? Your artist can join Peter the Mint Eagle at our Coin Designer Spring Training Camp. Spring Training is a fun slideshow of tips, photos, and facts about coins, sports on coins, and coin design. It includes a design template they can print out and illustrate. If they round all the bases, Peter rewards them with a certificate.

Design Competitions as Teaching and Learning Tools

Both competitions are excellent teaching and learning opportunities for educators and parents/guardians. They provide a framework for helping young people learn how coins are produced and how they honor people and organizations that have made significant contributions to our Nation. The competitions also provide a structure for young artists to apply their imagination and skills to a project with specific requirements, goals and deadlines.

  • For teens 14 and older, you can guide them through the design and entry process for the Baseball Coin Design Competition. Encourage them to seize this rare opportunity to create the winning design that will be used to create the actual 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, plus win a cash prize. The coins will be in gold, silver and clad versions.
  • For children up to 13 years old, use the Kids' Baseball Coin Design Challenge to spur creativity. You can use our Coin Design Spring Training Camp to help your child learn about sports, coins, coin design, and history before he or she begins work on a design. Children who complete the spring training activities receive a certificate of completion. You can also download and print a design template (PDF, 197k).

Lesson Plans, Games and Other Resources

The United States Mint Web site has a treasure trove of coin-related educational activities. We've mined it to unearth lesson plans and activities about coins, design, and sports.

Key To Coin References
WJNS=Westward Journey Nickel Series™
DC&T=District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Program
50Q=50 State Quarters® Program

Feature Description Coin Type
Arrows of Knowledge Multiple-choice and true/false game about coin basics All coins
Plinky's Create-a-Card Five sports images to use on greetings cards, purchased with a virtual allowance Circulating coins
Winter Coin Olympics Skiing and snowboarding games Commemorative coins
Piece the Parts Puzzle Parts of a coin by name All coins
Coins of the World - Japan Sumo wrestling, speed skating $5 Olympic gold, other American coins
Coins of the World - New Zealand America's Cup (yacht racing) 50 State Quarters (VA & RI), other American coins
Reading and Reference
Glossary General coin-related terminology All coins and medals
Black History Medals Resource Owens, Robinson commemorative coins
Coin of the Month Resource Jackie Robinson commemorative coin
Feature Relevance and Value Coin Link
Inspector Collector's Coin Course, lesson 3 Students learn about the kinds of coins they may choose to collect. Circulating and commemorative
Full Lesson Plans
Our Goal Pole
(WJNS, Kindergarten, 142k PDF)
Students design a coin based on information from a class discussion. "Ocean in View" nickel
The Value of Coins
(50Q, Grades K&1, 240k PDF)
Students draw something they value greatly, using a coin outline template. Iowa quarter
Symbols in My Eyes
(50Q, Grades K&1, 276k PDF)
Students draw three symbols of their class using a coin outline template. Oklahoma quarter
Making Friends
(WJNS, Grade 1, 160k PDF)
Students design a medal to communicate peace and friendship to a new friend. Peace Medal nickel
Coin Trading Cards Students research coins and historical figures to create trading cards. Circulating and commemorative coins
Spy the Flycatcher
(50Q, Grades 2&3, 335k PDF)
Students write metaphors and similes about the scissor-tailed flycatcher and illustrate using a coin outline template. Oklahoma quarter
It's All in the Pattern
(50Q, Grades 2&3, 278k PDF)
Students create a personalized flag to represent themselves or their characteristics. New Mexico quarter
W is for Wyoming
(50Q, Grades 2&3, 160k PDF)
Students create a class alphabet book of Wyoming, each page showing symbols of Wyoming illustrated using a coin outline template. Wyoming quarter
I Did It!
(WJNS, Grade 3, 494k PDF)
Students draw an image symbolizing a personal accomplishment using a coin outline template. "Ocean in View" nickel
Trading Traditions
(DC & T, Grade 3, 266k PDF)
Students illustrate a family tradition using a coin outline template. American Samoa quarter
Coining Scientific Discoveries
(WJNS, Middle School, 482k PDF)
Students design a coin showing the scientific mission of the Corps of Discovery (exploring organisms). Peace Medal and Keelboat nickels
The Baseball Coin Design Kids' Challenge is part of the United States Mint's education initiative, and is independent of the Baseball Coin Design Competition.