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Unit Plan

What’s It Worth?

Description of Unit:

This is a highly hands-on coin unit for students in first and second grade.  Students play games and work with coin manipulatives to practice recognizing coins and values, finding coin combinations, and adding coin values.


  • Cent
  • Coin Combinations
  • Coins
  • Cost
  • Counting
  • Dime
  • Food Groups
  • Math Games
  • Money
  • Nickel
  • Penny
  • Price
  • Quarter
  • Value

Grade Level(s):


Main Subject Area:


Additional Subjects:


Approximate Length of Time:

4-5 30 minute sessions (4-5 days)

Essential Question or Problem:

Can you identify the value of coins and compare coin amounts?

Unit Introduction:

Using coin transparencies or punch-out coins, review with class basic coin values of the cent (penny), nickel, dime, and quarter. Ask students to tell you where people use money in their everyday life and write their ideas on the board.

Individual Lessons:

  1. Beat the Bank
  2. Money in the Bank
  3. Going to the Grocery Store
  4. I'm in the Money!

Culminating Activity:

Create Coin Bingo cards for each of the students. This can be easily done using a 5 x 5 grid and then stamping coins in each of the squares. Then laminate for durability. Give each student a bingo card and play like traditional bingo.