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National Coin Week 2016

Do you know about all of the history you can learn from coins? National Coin Week started for just that reason. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan set aside the third week in April as a time for people to get to know about numismatics — the hobby and study of coins and paper money. Why? Because collecting coins can help you learn about science, history, and important people, places and events. Besides, lots of people find that collecting coins is just plain fun!

National Coin Week’s theme for 2016 is “Portraits of Liberty: Icon of Freedom.” Check out the lesson plans and activities below that connect you to Liberty and other iconic images found on our nation’s coinage.

This year, National Coin Week will run from April 17 to 23. We’ve picked one of our free lessons or activities for each day of the week. Join the fun by coming back every day!

Lesson Plans

The Educators area offers hundreds of lesson plans covering all major subject areas. All are written by teachers and adhere to national standards, so you’re sure to find plans you can use, from kindergarten through high school.

Take a look at these lesson plans based around this year’s theme.

  • Give Me Liberty (Grades 11-12). Students will define “liberty” and explore the concept in our nation’s history and culture. Students will connect the office of the presidency to our nation’s development and its place in history, then create a multimedia presentation.
  • Change Mixer (Grades K-5). Students will recognize coins and their values in this game that focuses on locomotor skills (skip, slide, gallop, run, jump) and addition.
  • Nickel, Quarter and Dime (Grades 6-8). Students will play a game to help them develop an appreciation for statistical methods as a powerful means for decision making.
  • A Special Place (Grades 9-12). Students will explore how personal experiences can lead to conservation efforts. Students will demonstrate their understanding by creating a digital presentation proposing the conservation of a special place.
  • You Can Bank On It! (Grades 9-12). Students will thoroughly understand the purpose and functions of the Federal Reserve System and its effect on our nation’s economy. They will learn that monetary policies are decisions made by the Federal Reserve System that lead to changes in the supply of money and the availability of credit.
  • Ancient Story Problems (Grades 3-8). Students will research ancient civilizations and develop story problems using symbols and coins from those times. Students will then retell these story problems using modern terms and coins.

We also have a full-fledged lesson plans searchable by several parameters, and a collection that relates to each circulating coin called the Coin Curricula Center.

You’ll also find plans that use as a starting point coin programs, such as:

…and more!  Come and browse all our lesson plans using the new database search feature!

Just for Kids

On our h.i.p. Pocket Change website for kids, we have a whole page set up to help kids fill their National Coin Week with timely activities.

We’ve picked an activity for each day of the week. Students who develop an interest in coin collecting will enjoy Inspector Collector’s Coin Course. This course is divided into five lessons with online activities that reinforce the information. The course includes how to obtain coins, store and display them and organize their collection.

Kids can join the fun by coming back every day. They can also check out our games page with dozens of games that educate and entertain.

Teachers can check out our list of games divided into grade-appropriate groups. Each game has a description, the skills it addresses and its subject area connections.