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State Quarter Day In The Classroom!
Kansas Outline

In a ceremony on September 9, 2005 the United States Mint celebrated the release of the Kansas quarter.  The ceremony held at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson marked the release of the thirty-fourth state to be celebrated as a part of the 50 State Quarters® Program.

Teachers, below you will find several activities and links that will bring the excitement of Kansas "State Quarter Day" into your classroom!

Kansas Quarter Reverse

Kansas Quarter

Learn more about the new quarter featuring the American bison/buffalo and the sunflower.

50 State Quarters Program

50 State Quarters Program

Find out more about this program that honors every state in America!

50 State Quarters Program Lesson Plans

FREE Lesson Plans!

The 50 State Quarters Program lesson plans are now available on the H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site for use in your classroom!  Check out these exciting plans that are FREE to download, and are available in sets designed specifically for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–6.

State Quarter Day Classroom Activities

Here are some fun ways to infuse your curriculum with activities that celebrate the arrival of the newest quarter in circulation!

Also, take a trip to Coin Collector's Workshop!  Here, you can enroll in Inspector Collector's Coin Course, or solve coin mysteries in Get a Clue About Collecting.  You can even learn How To Share Your Hobby!

Kansas shows off its flora and fauna!

Not only is the Kansas quarter the newest coin to be released into circulation, but it will also be the September 2005, Coin of the Month.  Check it out and Inspector Collector will explain why the special design on the Kansas quarter is worth celebrating.

Peter the Mint Eagle using the computer

"Seeing the States" WebQuest

What's so great about the United States?  Let your students find out for themselves as they explore the coins in the 50 State Quarters Program to complete this fun Internet research project, the "Seeing the States" WebQuest.

Connected Coins and Medals

The Kansas quarter features an American bison/buffalo and sunflowers, which are visual reminders of our Nation's heartland.  They feature prominently in the history of the territory, and both were found in abundance throughout the State in the middle of the 19th century when Kansas gained its statehood.  The Kansas quarter isn't the first coin to highlight flora or fauna on the obverse or reverse of a coin.  Take a look at some other coins that display an important animal or flower as the focus of their coin:

Reverse: 2005 American Bison Nickel

American Bison Nickel—The American Bison Nickel is part of the Westward Journey Nickel SeriesT, it reminds us that the explorers not only described the buffalo in their journals but used the animal for food and clothing.  The design also reminds us how important and even sacred this animal was to the American Indians of the prairies.

Reverse: Mississippi Quarter

Mississippi quarter—The front (obverse) of the Mississippi quarter showcases the beauty and elegance of the state flower, combining the blossoms and leaves of two magnolias with the inscription "The Magnolia State."

Reverse: Indian Head/Buffalo Nickel

Indian Head/Buffalo Nickel—This coin was designed by an artist who grew up on a South Dakota prairie, where the buffalo actually roamed...but his model for the animal, according to legend, was a bison who lived in the New York City Zoo named "Black Diamond."

Reverse: Wisconsin Quarter

Wisconsin quarter—Cattle have long been important to Wisconsin.  They provide not only beef but dairy products like milk and cheese.  "The Dairy State" and "America's Dairyland" are just two of Wisconsin's nicknames.

Our Foreign Friends

Quarter Obverse The coins produced for the 50 State Quarters Program share much in common with the European currency, the euro.  With your students, visit the interactive cartoon, Coins of the World, to see how these two programs are similar (here's a hint: look at the backs of euros from different countries, and then look at their fronts). 1 Euro Obverse

Quarter Games

Quarter Explorer

Your students can test their knowledge of United States geography and the 50 State Quarters Program, all while helping Bill the Mint Buffalo earn enough money to plan a cross-country trip.

Puzzle Mint

Here's a challenge for your students!  Put all the pieces of the Kansas' quarter back together—in three minutes or less!

Cents of Color

Are your students budding artists?  Let them try their hands at painting the Kansas quarter.  Purple trees and a yellow island?  Let your students' imaginations run wild!

Mark My Words

Here's a word search all about quarters and other coins.  Can your students find all the words on each list?

Birth of a Coin

A Coinage Cartoon

Do you want to show your students how quarters and other coins are made?  Check out the Birth of a Coin cartoon, which tells you all about it!

Teachers' Network

Teachers, if we've piqued your interest with the activities above, please sign up for the Teachers' Network.  As a member, you can receive information about all of the new educational resources that become available from the United States Mint!