America the Beautiful Quarters Day in the Classroom Activities

Try these fun activities to bring the excitement of America the Beautiful Quarters Day right into your classroom!

Be your own travel agent! Using the Internet, schedule a trip to your favorite national site. Price airline tickets, choose your lodging, and develop an itinerary for the days you are at the site, including what sites to see and what tours to take. Write a list of items to pack (be sure to dress for the weather!). Then imagine you took this trip and create a journal in which you describe the sites you visited and your sensory experiences. Accompany the journal with a photo album of the sites using photos or drawings.

Join the conversation about America’s Great Outdoors! One of the reasons national sites were created was to preserve and protect these sites. In 2010, President Obama launched a national dialogue to discuss what communities are doing to help conserve and protect America’s outdoor spaces. As a class, make a list of things local schools can do to preserve and protect your community. Think about creating a compost pile, planting a garden for the school, organizing a ride-sharing program…anything that can get students working together and have a positive impact on the environment.

Invite your students to create illustrations on a 6-inch square piece of paper that shows something important about your state’s national site. Ideas may come from brainstorming sessions about the site and/or books about your state. Your class (maybe with other classes) can create a national site quilt that can be displayed in the hallway for all to see!

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