December LTMC holiday editionCelebrate the Holidays with Coins!

Did you know that many winter holiday traditions, including stocking stuffing and gelt giving, involve coins? Learn about Christmas and Hanukkah coin traditions and celebrate the holidays with some fun education resources and activities from the United States Mint.

Holiday Feature: Unwrapping Coins

Penny in a present box December LTMC

Are you curious to know what U.S. coins are made of? Discover each circulating coin’s composition, weight, diameter, and other fun facts in our coin composition chart.



American Innovators obverse designs Coin of the Month December LTMCCoins of the Month: 2019 American Innovation

This year, the Mint launched a new coin program, the American Innovation™ $1 Coins, dedicated to honoring an innovation, innovator, or group of innovators from each state or territory. The 2019 coin designs highlight game-changing advancements in astronomy, biology, technology, and horticulture.

  • Astronomy: The Delaware design honors Annie Jump Cannon, a world-famous astronomer who invented a system for classifying the starts that is still used today.
  • Biology: The Pennsylvania design honors the work of Dr. Jonas Stalk and his team, who developed a vaccine for polio.
  • Technology: The New Jersey design honors the work of Thomas Edison and his team, who created the first widely-available light bulb.
  • Horticulture: The Georgia design honors the Trustees’ Garden, one of the first experimental gardens in America.



Glitter and Gold

Gold bars bullion coin making video December LTMCTake a look at how the West Point Mint produces bullion coins in our Making Money video.



Innovation Coin Designs

American Innovation New Jersey and Delaware coin obverses on winter background December LTMCLearn more about the story behind each of the 2019 American Innovation coin designs.



Winter Word Quest

Winter Word Question icon December LTMC

Keep up with the winter cheer with our festive online word search game, Word Quest.



We Want to Hear from You!

2019 Coin Coloring Book Lessons that Make Cents April iconAre you interested in incorporating coins into your classroom next year, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you! The U.S. Mint offers K-12 lesson plans, 12 online educational games, 100+ videos, online quizzes, a free 2019 Coin Coloring Book PDF, and other resources. Reach out to us at to request resources that fit your education needs.

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