Champion a Cause: Presentation Worksheet


Directions: Think about the cause you researched in the “Champion a Cause: Brainstorming” worksheet. Imagine you need to educate your class about your cause. Using the table below, create an outline with ideas to champion your cause. Once you complete the outline, draft a formal written presentation to encourage people to support your cause.

Introduction: Provide background information about this cause
Statement of Importance: Tell the class why this cause is important
Objectives: Tell the class who and/or what will benefit from this cause and how they will benefit
Plan of Action: Describe to the class how you will champion your cause and what steps you will take to make a difference.
Management Plan: Describe to the class how you will continue to work for your cause in the future. Are there organizations already in place that can help your cause?
Conclusion: Make your strongest argument for why people need to care about your cause. Restate your objectives in a new way and do your best to sway the people to your way of thinking.
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